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Hilco Global APAC helps businesses understand the value of their assets, and navigate local and global markets to monetise those assets. We are differentiated by our ability to act as advisor, agent, investor or principal in any transaction. Hilco also offers asset valuation, realisation and capital solutions, helping you navigate times of significant business change.

Hilco is world’s largest network of asset experts offering valuation, realisation and capital solutions

Hilco Global is present over 40+ locations, across 26 countries.
As part of the Hilco Global Group, our network gives you access to hundreds of asset professionals worldwide
and a world-class asset sale marketplace.


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Building, drilling, lifting and boring; above ground or underground.

Civil Construction

From demolition, lifting and building to ancillary equipment on site.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Designing, making and packaging; from conveyors to robotics.

Transport & Logistics

Moving, Shipping everything we use; on the water and road, to air.

Home & Lifestyle

Assets we use at home, from luxe to everyday essentials.

Agriculture & Food Production

Food supply and production, everything from a machine to a whole plant.

Auto, Marine & Aviation

Planes, helicopters, boats or vehicle fleets.

Intangible Assets

Brands, Domains and IP addresses; we cover it all.

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