Case Study - 21 June 2021

Retail Excess Inventory

Case Study

Wholesale Solutions

Online Auction: Overdelivered on Guarantee by 120%

Completed December 2020

Client Needs

Hilco Global APAC were approached by a major retailer, servicing the traveler demographic through duty free B2C. The challenge they encountered was holding onto 4000+ units of obsolete and overstocks resulting from a downturn due to COVID and travel restrictions.

With technology assets requiring high stock turns to remain viable, the client needed a solution to move these products to make room for new supply.

The preference was to receive a immediate cashflow solution.

Hilco Global APAC Solutions


Hilco Global APAC purchased the stock outright, delivering an immediate return to the client that they could use in managing the logistics of new inventory coming in.


Reviewing current market and buyer profiles, we determined the best fit sale solution for these assets was an unreserved auction, supported by a dedicated marketing campaign.


National Media Campaign launched including TV, radio and digital channels. 1.7M views on the auction from around the country resulted in a over-delivery on guarantee for this deal.

To see a 30 day turnaround from Valuation to Sale was a fantastic outcome for a deal with so many moving parts.


Buyer Audience Reach

Asset Monetisation

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Rochelle Rebello

Rochelle Rebello

Director | Wholesale

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