Case Study - 7 June 2021


Case Study

Valuation and Audit Supporting Lending

Supporting Lending

Iron and Steel

Client Needs

Our clients, lender and borrower, were seeking a specialist asset valuation partner to deliver on an
alternative funding source to traditional lending structures.

Funding was to be secured against accounts receivables, inventory and PPE across a vertically
integrated mining and steel production business, and time was of the essence..

Hilco APAC Solution

Hilco APAC coordinated multi jurisdiction teams to complete a review of each asset class in rapid time.
The combination of local knowledge and global expertise provided the right balance of resource
depth and on the ground asset detail. The use of multiple time zones enabled a 24/7 focus on the
project and an early view on the loan structure for our clients.

Client Outcomes

Completed Rapidly

Optimal Loan Structure

Global Team

Asset Monetisation

the Asset Smarter way

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