Case Study - 25 March 2021

Newspaper Facility

Case Study

Plant Closure – Newspaper Facility

Private Treaty Campaign

Completed November 2020

Client Needs

Following a business restructure, our client made a decision to shut down their QLD printing facility. Requiring a straight forward disposition solution, Hilco Global APAC purchased
the assets and ran a global remarketing campaign consisting of an EOI and Auction.

Hilco onsold the entire contents of the facility and oversaw the successful removal of all items, despite the challenges of interstate and overseas travel being restricted due to the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Results from this sale event led directly to a referral for another printing facility immediately.

Hilco Global APAC Solutions

Asset Profile

Commercial printing facility including web and flat bed commercial presses, binders and folders pallet wrapping, strapping and packaging machines.


Using the global network of Hilco, we were able to identify prospects directly in UK and Europe, which resulted in key assets being sold within 7 days of listing.


In this project, Hilco Global’s global network of asset experts assisted us in locating buyers for the assets very quickly.

This was a great example of collaboration globally, as our local team was able to work with an asset specialist in the UK with 20 years of experience working with printing equipment, which helped us pinpoint a buyer extraordinarily quickly


Sales results snapshot

Asset Monetisation

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