Case Study - 19 August 2022

Case Study – Mining Haulage Fleet Valuation

Case Study

Mining Haulage Fleet Valuation

Australia and Asia

Project Overview

Our client provides mining contract and logistic services to major miners in Australia and Asia. They recently appointed Hilco Valuation Services to provide a valuation report suitable for investment decisions of interested Lenders and Private Equity Sponsors.


Hilco APAC provided a comprehensive and time-sensitive asset backed lending valuation including a GOLV and NOLV on our clients extensive fleet.

The report included a risk assessment on the fleet, CAPEX review and suitable amortization schedule.

Hilco completed this assignment to American Society of Appraisers (ASA) guidelines with Hilco APAC valuers who extensively researched the market to support our opinions.


A tailored report was created for our client to share with interested parties, with both sides relying on our independent opinion to support negotiations.


  • Hilco APAC were able to utilise previous research and assignments within the mining industry to quickly support initial critical negotiations. This included a recent assignment on a $300M ultra, extra and heavy class mining fleet.
  • Site visits to internal workshops and interviews with management on maintenance, CAPEX and purchasing activities were conducted. This provided the valuers and analysts with practical insight into plant and equipment unlocking value and providing greater accuracy on the valuation.
  • The team engaged with Hilco Global monetisation and valuation experts in mining and civil to provide deep global insights into the industry and assets.

“Our research and approach to valuation assignments produce a highly credible and thorough report that decision makers have the confidence to rely on.”


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