Case Study - 2 August 2022

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Case Study

Valuation Services


Overview of Project

Our client is a global accounting firm who was supporting a private equity transaction on several complex infrastructure assets.

The Private Equity firm had recently acquired Fibre Optical networks in two financial hubs in Asia and they were seeking a rigorous valuation analysis as part of post purchase financial reporting requirements.

Hilco Global APAC was engaged on this project due to our global reach, asset expertise and understanding of the complexities involved.

Client needs

The transaction triggered a “change of control”. As a result, our client needed to determine the fair value of the underlying infrastructure for a purchase price allocation exercise.


  • Hilco used an interactive internal mapping programme to create a component listing of the networks.
  • Hilco engaged suppliers to confirm opinions and research
  • Hilco were able to generate a Gross Current Replacement Cost and depreciate at the component level to opine Fair Value at the acquisition date.
  • Our approach provided accuracy across a complex multi staged build infrastructure asset.


A trusted relationship was developed with all key stakeholders, allowing Hilco to collect accurate data and documentation to prove costings and prices in a timely manner. Furthermore, our valuation was quality assured by industry specialist and the experienced technical team within the operating company. Our work was finalised by benchmarking against other recent industry transactions.


Hilco were able to complete a highly technical infrastructure valuation on a major Asian infrastructure asset to the client’s requirements in a tight time frame.

There was a high level of confidence in the costing exercise undertaken due to a thorough discussions with the relevant stakeholders across the transaction.

Strong relationships formed with the advising firm and purchaser ensured quality data was relayed and ultimately provided confidence in the approach and reported opinions.

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