Case Study - 20 August 2020

Civil Construction Fleet

Case Study

Civil Construction Fleet – Australia

Online Auction: Return $1.8M

Completed June 2020

Client Needs

Hilco Global APAC were presented with a fleet of civil construction assets by Loadex as a result of a equipment refresh.

The client required a solution that resulted in immediate liquidity as a priority, understanding that traditional paths to resale were expected to take many months to return cashflow.

Additionally, the project presented in a very challenging resale market given heavy restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

Hilco Global APAC Solutions

Valuation & Purchase

Valuation of civil construction equipment performed in a matter of days. Hilco APAC made an offer to purchase the equipment outright, transacted within 48 hours.


Reviewing current market and buyer profiles, we determined the best fit sale solution for these assets was an unreserved auction, supported by a dedicated marketing campaign.


Growth areas of 3 states nationally were identified as high value, and advertising of the sale was directed at those geographies and buyer profiles within.


Customised 3-phase digital campaign launched across multiple channels.

We were very impressed with the depth of asset & industry knowledge and the speed at which cash was returned to us.

Buyer Audience Reach

Audience Reach

Asset Monetisation

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