Case Study - 5 August 2022

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


Overview of Project

Our client, Glaxo Smith Kline is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company who has announced the closure of their Boronia plant, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the southern hemisphere. GSK were seeking a partner with deep expertise and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry to provide a tailored asset sale strategy to support the plant closure.

Client needs

In reviewing GSKs requirements, the priorities were to have the sale program conducted to maximise the return to the client, and balance the need to avoid environmental impacts of potential landfill. The Hilco team were confident that the assets had considerable resale value attached to them, so a sale program was conducted in line with GSKs internal plant win-down program.


Hilco provided a successful fee based sale and a comprehensive project management system to conduct 4 sale programs, on a global scale with a timeline between 2022 and 2023.


With Hilco’s global reach and tailored marketing strategy, we discovered a new vaccine plant opening in Africa that needed packaging machines urgently.

This research and market knowledge put Hilco in a position to facilitate a transaction to meet both buyer and seller needs, providing the equipment on time for the buyer and providing our client with an acceptable offer.


Rommelag blow fill seal machine each sold over $1M each

Due to COVID, the buyer had issues with receiving new equipment on time, but Hilco was able to provide a second-hand equipment in time for their operation date.

90% of the equipment will be sold outside Australia and the rest of general gear will be sold locally.

Marketing Strategy

Our approach with GSK’s bespoke marketing campaign is to deploy a hybrid digital and traditional model, customised to the assets to maximise the reach to potential buyers.

Asset Monetisation

the Asset Smarter way

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Adam Scharer

Adam Scharer

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Tonkin

Mark Tonkin

Senior Valuer

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