Case Study - 19 May 2022

BASF Petronas

Current Project

BASF Petronas


Overview of Project

Butanediol complex in Kuantan, Malaysia. Hilco APAC were engaged to conduct a Global Expressions of Interest campaign to monetise their Hydrogen Compressors and Reactors.

Our Strategy

Our team recognised that these niche assets would have a specific application and target buyer. Hilco APAC centred initial marketing efforts by leveraging our global community of asset experts.

We also saw an opportunity to connect to our 2M strong industrial database, HilcoBID. This allowed us to engage directly with previous buyers, bidders, and sellers of similar assets. Concurrently, our marketing team launched a bespoke social media campaign predominantly focused in the South East Asia region.


Global Reach

Buyer interest includes a wide array of geographies including; India, US and Thailand

Bespoke social media campaign

390,771 potential buyers reached

Asset Profile

Hydrogen Circulation Compressor (C-2201)
Makeup Hydrogen Compressor (C-2202)
Hydrogenation Reactor (R-2201, R-2202)

We created impactful custom marketing campaigns

Combining a tailored advertising campaign across multiple channels, we avoid adding your assets into a crowded marketplace. We strategically combine digital and traditional marketing methods specific to the asset classes and the industries where they have an interest. Our results reach more relevant prospects, creating an environment to maximise financial outcomes.

Buyer Audience Reach

Asset Monetisation

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