Case Study - 12 May 2021

Mining Fleet – South Africa

Case Study

Mining Fleet – South Africa

Private Treaty Sale : 
Return $21 Million 

Expected completion 2021

Client Needs

Hilco Global APAC were presented a fleet of Mining Assets in South Africa, at end of utility following the end of a major mining project.

The client required a solution that resulted in immediate liquidity as a priority, understanding that traditional paths to resale were expected to take many months
to return cashflow to the client.

Additionally, the project presented in a very challenging resale market given heavy restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

Hilco Global APAC Solutions


We funded the purchase of assets to provide immediate return to the client utilising our facility


Buyer profiles & targeted geographies segmented based on insight from Hilco Global.


Assets presented to existing & potential buyers via multiple digital channels.


Advertising campaign reached over 10 Million people across multiple platforms.

Buyer Audience Reach

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Asset Monetisation

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