Case Study - 16 December 2022

Case Study – Major Australian Bank

Case Study

Major Australian Bank

Hilco delivered a time sensitive valuation for an ASX listed company to achieve a critical lending outcome.

Client Challenge

Our client is a Major Australian Bank and ASX-listed company providing industrial products and services to the mining, construction, and manufacturing sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our clients were seeking to establish a lending relationship and for the Company to enjoy the improved financing costs.

Our client assigned Hilco to do an in-depth analysis of the AR (Accounts Receivables) and inventory to mitigate the risk of lending to a company that didn’t quite meet its usual risk profile, but had a great potential. Therefore, an in-depth evaluation of their underlying collateral was required to give confidence to the Banks credit heads.

Solution Delivered

Hilco provided a complex inventory valuation and a borrowing base, covering the accounts receivables ledgers, across 4 operating entities and incorporating the inventory NOLV.


Hilco was able to provide a time sensitive and high-quality valuation and diligence report for an ASX listed company through its access to global resources and local knowledge. Hilco was able to achieve an important outcome for our clients through analysis of management reports and systems, deep engagement with the Company, and on-site visits to the Companies premises.



Hilco’s deep engagement with the Company resulted in an important outcome for our clients.

The high-quality valuation and diligences report gave our lending client the confidence to bank the Company.


Hilco was able to help establish a lending relationship and improved financing costs.


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Case Study

Case Study

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