Hilco Global has helped clients for over 30 years, delivering monetisation programs for production & manufacturing consolidations, rationalisations and wind-downs.

We take a tailored and consultative approach with you in understanding your requirements, delivering dedicated end to end project management & digital marketing support as part of our standard service. We understand the organisational complexities and sensitivities involved in shutting down operations, and demonstrate flexibility at all stages to make it look easy.


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We offer three flexible engagement models determined based on your financial and operational risks

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Consignment models see Hilco act as an agent on behalf of you, facilitating the entire sale program end to end. Financial interests are aligned here, and this is a simple model where the market is stable, and risks are easily managed.


We offer guarantee options and profit share arrangements when there are minimum financial results that act as constraints for the project. This is most useful when the sale proceeds are committed to other internal projects or activities.

Outright Purchase

We offer outright purchase to you, when immediate cashflow is required. Hilco will then own the assets, taking on the entire risk of the sale program. This is best used in situations where time criticality means an upfront cash solution is preferred


With sale programs all over the world, we are actively running monetisation programs for plant closures across Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Mexico and across the United States across a broad range of asset categories.


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We have a proven method to deliver plant closure projects efficiently, safely and transparently

Case Study: Customised Program

Site Inspection & Understanding of Scope

Our team will attend site for an initial inspection and quickly develop an understanding of scope & project priorities. This is completed with a consultative approach with our clients, to align with the closure program and help mitigate business risk associated with the project.

Detailed Asset Schedule

The Hilco team prepare a detailed asset schedule. This includes consideration to assets that are to be transferred internally, available for sale or scrapped. This process also assists in managing transfer of any third party assets.

Project Management

Your project manager is appointed based on their experience and expertise with the assets being sold. The PM manages the agreed tasks including site and asset pre-sale preparation, asset inspections, contractor management and reporting, to cost, time and scope.

Sale Strategy & Marketing

Hilco offers a range of realisation strategies including EOI, Private Treaty and Auctions. Each project is supported by a customised marketing campaign, blending engagement of our own global databases with strategically selected 3rd party marketplaces and digital campaigns.

Enquiry and Transaction

Hilco transacts over $1B of industrial asset sales annually around the world across a broad range of categories. Our team’s expertise in understanding the value of assets leads to a more robust approach in managing sale enquiries, negotiating sale offers and facilitating sale transactions.

Asset Removal & Final Debrief

Hilco oversee removal of plant and equipment in a safe and timely manner, working with you and your contractors on site. Final debrief meeting to ensure satisfactory site exit including asset removals and site handover in line with agreed requirements.

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