Case Study - 7 March 2022

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Overview of Project

Our client, Glaxo Smith Kline announced the closure of their Boronia manufacturing facility, with a complex wind down program to commence in late 2021. Hilco APAC was selected as the partner to remarket assets in multiple stages, in line with the decommissioning program conducted by the business.

Stage 1 of the program involves a number of key assets including Blow / Fill / Seal machines, complete packing lines and assorted ancillary equipment.

In total, Hilco APAC will conduct 4 sale programs, on a global scale between 2022 and 2023.


Hilco APAC has facilitated the sale transaction of a key item within days of the Expression of Interest campaign commencing.

Buyer interest to date includes a wide array of geographies including: Asia, Europe, The Americas & Australia.

Stage 1 Expression of Interest closed in late February 2022, with an auction campaign to follow in Q2 2022.

Asset Profile

Blow / Fill / Seal Machines from brands such as Weiler & Rommelag. Complete packing lines and assorted tablet manufacturing assets.

Asset Monetisation

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Adam Scharer

Adam Scharer

Chief Executive Officer

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