What we offer

Our core services that underpin everything we do at Hilco APAC

The core services that underpin Hilco APAC


Purposeful and accurate valuation reports, every time.

Hilco APAC is your trusted partner in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets and the verification of these assets for a wide range of refinancing, M&A and strategic business activities.

Our Difference

For over 35 years, our valuations and diligence team has grown to over 100 professionals across the globe, helping businesses with over 25,000 valuation and diligence assignments. We specialise in all asset classes on the balance sheet, including inventory, plant & machinery, intangibles, land & buildings, and accounts receivable as well as enterprise valuations on businesses and contracted income.

  • Timely with deep supporting research on assets and risk
  • Exclusive IP from global real-time sale outcomes and current industry specific peer valuations
  • World-class borrowing base reporting

Complex Situation Specialists

With a focus on understanding asset values as well as performing comprehensive field exams, no other company has the combination of credit, lending, syndications or work out and liquidation experience, combined with industry and global/cross border expertise. We provide outcomes that go beyond the report; offering rich insights and advisory underpinned by global expertise in asset and market knowledge.


Our Services


  • Property, Plant & Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Intangible Asset
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contractual Income
  • Business Enterprise

Valuations Delivered


NBV Valued


Clients Globally

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Client Applications

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Whether refinancing, undertaking M&A or completing financial reporting Hilco have the expertise to provide affordable solutions for complex business needs. We specialise in Infrastructure, Fleets, Manufacturing and Processing orientated businesses.


Our industry experts and analysts continuously monitor a broad range of industries, markets, and economic conditions that could have a near-term affect on asset values for lending purposes.

ABL Providers

Our team provide on the ground diligence solutions to our clients, delivering a reliable basis for borrowing base development.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We work with financial sponsors and investors needing to establish the value and veracity of business assets for mergers and acquisitions.


Leveraged Buy Outs

Partnering with Hilco gives you access to deeper insights and practical understanding to a company’s operating assets in considering LBOs.


Pre Funding Due Diligence

Delivering valuations for lending, M&A, related-party transactions, privatisations, dividend recapitalisations, sale and divestitures, and ESOPs.

Financial Reporting / Opinions

Delivering objective and unbiased opinions to boards of directors, special committees, trustees, investors, management teams, and other fiduciaries.

Portfolio Examination

Delivering deeper insights about business assets and their value or marketability in the context of private equity and hedge fund investing.


Providing reliable and accurate valuation of all assets for corporate insurance and underwriting.


Connect your assets with buyers locally, regionally and globally

Over 2M Buyers Worldwide

With the strength of a global network, your assets will reach a global community of over 2 million buyers. Every local sale event is supported by a tailored, considered and targeted advertising and promotional campaign. We don’t rely on a database to communicate with your buyers; we actively seek out relevant customers for your assets classes.


Differentiated by unrivalled expertise

Hilco Global has a unique platform, and an unrivalled depth in asset expertise. From retail to commercial and industrial, you will be hard pressed to find an asset class that we have not worked with, in valuation, performance or monetisation. We understand companies’ unique asset values, and the underlying financial intricacies and business operations contributing to each situation.

Services we offer

  • Asset Purchases
  • Global Remarketing Campaigns
  • Online, Onsite and Simulcast Auctions
  • Wholesale Brokerage

Complete Flexibility in Sale Structures

We offer complete flexibility in sale structures, including outright buys, online auctions, private treaty sales or brokered transactions. Our capability in valuing means we can offer guarantees or acquire assets outright using capital.


Case Study: See how our capital

deployment capability provided

solution to a international retailer


Meet our Monetisation Specialists

Our APAC team is located across Australia and South East Asia, supported by asset specialists locally and globally.


Asset Advisory & Finance Services fit for your purpose

Our national asset advisory team has a combined 100+ years managing some of the largest insolvency and asset restructuring projects across the APAC region. We work with restructuring firms, banks, corporate advisors and investment companies, providing a suite of strategic solutions across asset valuation, asset disposal and financing.

What we do:

  • Identify the value of business assets through appraisals to guide strategic decision making of both healthy and distressed companies.
  • Monetise the maximum value of those assets through our broad and bespoke sale solutions with global buyer reach.


Hilco Advisory

Our team provides insight to businesses’ understanding of their assets’ value, and delivers monetisation and liquidity solutions for these assets. We provide this support to banks, companies, insolvency and restructuring advisors.


Hilco Finance

Hilco Finance empowers companies looking to fully leverage their assets to fund business improvements and growth initiatives. Unique to Hilco is our years of global industrial asset expertise in valuation and disposition, used to unlock additional capital for capex requirements, expansion, turnaround initiatives and debt refinancing.

  • Business Applications
  • Deal Structuring
  • Capital funding for Asset Purchase
  • Business Closures
  • Operating Lease
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Sale of excess or obsolete stock

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