Paper Mills
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Hilco with our partner John Wilkie Paper services have a global market place of buyers for your surplus paper mill assets. We welcome asset enquiries, inspection requests and offer submissions from interested parties.

Surplus Paper Mills Industrial Assets

As the foremost global authority in commercial and industrial assets, Hilco Global APAC offers comprehensive services tailored specifically for the paper mills industry. With an unparalleled range of expertise in acquisition, disposition, advisory, and financial solutions, we are dedicated to serving all aspects of the paper mills sector.

At Hilco Global APAC, we possess an in-depth understanding of the value and intricacies of industrial assets related to paper mills. Our expertise extends beyond this foundation, encompassing a vast experience in identifying the most optimal channels for monetising specialised assets at any given moment. Additionally, we have a profound working knowledge of the intricate business operations within the paper mills industry. This unique perspective significantly enhances the range of options available, enabling the deployment of our professional services and capital to yield maximum profits from your paper mill assets.

Our Services Include

  • Selling Paper Mill Assets: Purchase paper mill assets from our exclusive inventory.
  • Expert Services for Global Paper Mill Asset Sales: Our seasoned team guides clients in divesting assets, seizing market opportunities for favourable outcomes.

Let’s Connect and Work Together

If your paper mill business or one within your portfolio is currently facing challenges, our experienced team can provide a qualified perspective and guidance based on industry-specific knowledge. Together, we can navigate toward an optimised resolution and propel business to greater success.

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