Discover how Hilco Global transformed asset disposal into a success story for GSK Boronia

Discover how Hilco Global transformed asset disposal into a success story for GSK Boronia. In this heartfelt testimonial, Richard Laidler from GSK shares the remarkable journey of exceeding expectations and achieving outstanding results with the support of the Hilco team. The collaboration not only surpassed initial sale projections by over 35% but also showcased Hilco’s exceptional ability to attract a diverse range of international buyers.

“Thanks to you and the Hilco team for successfully selling all the equipment at GSK Boronia. Following a thorough selection process, GSK appointed Hilco to manage the asset disposal project after the decision to close our facility in Boronia. We are very pleased with the end result.

The result achieved by Hilco exceeded your initial estimated sale realisation by over 35% and our own internal estimates. GSK are very pleased by your ability to attract international buyers from the US, Germany, China, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Turkey, Africa and locally. The project required flexibility as there were internal asset request transfers which were accommodated through a simple process.

The asset removal process was smooth and the approach of encouraging buyers to work with a select few contractors streamlined the removal process.

I would highly recommend Hilco to other Corporates seeking an asset remarketing partner with access to a global buyer database, all the best for future projects.”

Richard Laidler


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